How long I can stay at Gold Coast Table Tennis Club?

You can access the club 15 minutes before your reservation.  All reservation must be pre-paid online. You may cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance without penalty. Currently, during times of COVID-19, we appreciate our customers for adhering to these strict policies. 

Do I need to bring my own equipment (paddles or balls)?

We have paddles and balls in the club, but it is best to bring your own equipment. We also sell premium paddles, balls, and other accessories. Please email GoldCoastTTC@gmail.com for more information.

Can I extend my time?

Yes! You can extend your table time so long as it’s available after your initial reservation. To do so, please contact with coaches or call 917-742-5165.

What happens if I run over my allotted time?

If you stay at the table more than 5 mins past your reservation the system will automatically charge you an additional 30 mins. Please make sure you clear the table when your reservation is finished. You are welcome to stay longer in the club to collect your belongings and freshen up etc. If other people are waiting for their reservation you must clear the table immediately.

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson is a 1:1 lesson with the coach for 1 hour focusing on drills, strategy, and games.  The coach will pay attention to your specific needs so that you can best improve.

What is a group lesson?

A group lesson consists of players of the similar skill caliber.  The groups will range from 6-12 players.  There will be more coaches for larger groups.  The coaches will teach level appropriate skills and the players will have the opportunity to play with each other so they can experience different styles. 

Can I book an event?

Yes. Please call 917-742-5165 or email GoldCoastTTC@gmail.com to do so. Keep in mind, Gold Coast Table Tennis serves the ping pong community first and foremost. We encourage personal private events and corporate private events at the club. For more details, please call 917-742-5165 or email GoldCoastTTC@gmail.com for more information.